Celebrity Culture & The Cosmetic Surgery Debate

The cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry debate has been raging for decades about whether or not people should have it or not. It has been driven on by the celebrity culture of always looking slim and beautiful all of the time, and whether or not the general public should be paying to try and look the same. The fact that these celebrities seldom look like they do when they appear on-screen or in pictures doesn’t seem to matter.

It is worse when they are in the pictures though, as they are often airbrushed. That means that any pimples and dark area are recolored, any bumps that stick out are flattened, stray hairs are deleted, and the whole picture is adjusted in professional software.

So what we now have is a culture of people who want to look just like these airbrushed images, and with prices having dropped in the cosmetic surgery http://owensperio.com/ business, it is now available to pretty much everyone. Yet one thing that is often not brought up in the cosmetic surgery debate is how many times things actually go wrong.

Cosmetic surgery is just surgery, it is as simple as that. All surgery carries risks, especially when anesthesia is involved. The longer an operation goes on for, the more risky it is. However, it is not the risks involved with having a surgical procedure that is the main problem, it is the number of times that things go wrong with the procedure itself.

Some celebrities have had cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong, and although they try to hide it, sometimes it is not always reversible. Take Melanie Griffith for example, she had beautiful looks, but in 2007 she decided that she would like the wrinkles and lines that were starting to appear removed, so she had cosmetic surgery. The result when she next appeared in public made her look as though her forehead had been pulled taught, and it stretched tight her whole face.

Since then her facial features have undergone more changes. Although she looks fine now, it does not hide the fact that she obviously had to go through corrective surgery to repair the problem caused by the first operation.

Donatella Versace also had a facelift that involved plumping up her lips, however when she appeared in public after the operation it looked like she had been punched in the face by a professional boxer. These celebrities can afford to have these problems fixed, but the general public can spend months, even years saving up for the initial cosmetic surgery, so if it goes wrong, they have no finances to correct it.

The cosmetic surgery debate will continue to go on for years about whether or not people should try and look like celebrities. The obvious answer is that they shouldn’t, but most people are so caught up in the celebrity culture these days, they can’t see the obvious, they just have tunnel vision. The question you must ask yourself is whether or not the risks involved are actually worth it in order to look like a fake celebrity.